- Introduction -

The Center for Energy Storage Research has the origin from the Electrochemistry Lab., which was established in 1978. Our vision is to improve energy sustainability by developing environment-friendly/highly efficient energy storage and conversion technologies based on electrochemistry and materials engineering.

We conducts basic and applied research about energy-related technologies including electric vehicle, large scale energy storage, and portable devices. These research areas can be characterized as a crossover technology between electrochemistry technology, nano technology, and processing technology.

Major topics of our research includes electrode materials for next-generation secondary batteries, electrolytes, rechargeable thin film batteries, versatile electrochemical techniques, carbon materials, and other related topics. We also conducts the research on new concepts of energy storage and conversion systems.

Main research area

Lithium-based Secondary
Battery Materials and Systems

Next-generation Secondary
Battery Materials and Systems

Advanced Materials Processing
and Characterization

- Main Research Fields -

Energy Storage - Materials and Devices

· The electrochemical energy storage is the most efficient system with high energy density and high safety

· KIST CESR focuses on the materials and systems of the electrochemical energy storage for future electronic devices